Psy-bor-um is a combination of the words psyche, cybernetic and sanctum, which meanings altogether translate to; the human mind through use of computers is a sacred place. Psyborum is the prairie’s only industrial metal project, and is based in Regina Saskatchewan Canada. The debut album Simulate-Salvation pulls no punches with it’s melding of driving guitars and blasting industrial beats. Psyborum is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Nate “Hohrd” Cradock.

As one of the few synth players in Regina, Hohrd is a veteran of the province’s thriving metal scene, having played with world-renowned Into Eternity, the talented Memorial, circus grindcore funsters Cupcake, and conceptual black metal outfits Curse of Enki and Wold.

With a keen interest in electronics and industrial music, Hohrd began toying around with the idea of a harsh industrial metal project. Unsatisfied with his early attempts he continued his search in silence as he joined other bands to satisfy his need to be on stage.

In the late fall of 2008, after viewing an industrial show in Edmonton Alberta, featuring Imperative Reaction, S.I.T.D. and Aesthetic Perfection, Hohrd quit the local grind band Cupcake, and decided to get more serious with his project Psyborum. Hohrd began writing/constructing songs with intentions of playing them live in a grim and mechanical performance.

Electronic and rhythmic influences for Psyborum draw from industrial, aggrotech, and Terror EBM acts like Psyclon Nine, Alien Vampires and Suicide Commando, while embracing sampled tremolo guitars and harsh, high shrieked vocal style of black and death metal bands such as Behemoth, Arch Enemy and Dimmu Borgir. Hohrd uses unconventional sound effects and robotic pulses in this unique solo project. Imagine a dark orchestra of machinery playing the soundtrack to our unavoidable future…

Genres: Electronic Industrial, Metal Gothic


Twitter: Psyborum@CradockNate