Conseil culturel fransaskois

About Conseil culturel fransaskois

– Bilingual organization –

What is the Fransaskois cultural council (Conseil culturel fransaskois, CCF) about?

CCF is the official Fransaskois representative in cultural matters and maintains links with its local, regional and provincial members, as well as other cultural and multicultural organizations.

CCF aims to develop programs, policies, and activities that allow the Francophone community to achieve its cultural and creative potential. CCF supports the cultural and artistic development of the Francophone community, including cultural training, community cultural development, communications, cultural promotion and heritage development. The organization facilitates the overall cultural and artistic development of French artists and cultural workers as well as providing diversified cultural programming to Francophone and French immersion schools of the province in order to enhance the learning experience.

Locations Served: Provincial – Saskatchewan
Type of Bookings: Multi disciplinaire performances, festival and artistic workshops – Artists programs and retreats – Francophone communities support
Contact: ccf@culturel.ca
Website: http://www.culturel.ca


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fransaskois/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCFransaskois