Read Up on Our 2015/2016 Year

Earlier this fall, we here at the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange wrapped up another year in our decades-long history. On November 19, we held our Annual General Meeting in the Club, filling members in what we’ve been up between September 2015 and August 2016.

This year, our building had its bricks repointed. We’re not sure when this last took place –– our headquarters in Regina’s Warehouse District has a history beyond our 25 years in this space, with the building taking on new life with every tenant.

This has us thinking about what we’ve accomplished in 2015/2016. The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange has a long history in our province –– we’ll be celebrating our 40th anniversary next year –– but there’s always room for refinement, for refurbishment.

That’s exactly what we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. Our Outreach program continues to grow, finding new opportunities across the province. The Workshop Tour continues to bring artists to schools in small and rural communities. And the Exchange is still an all-ages art hub in Regina. We’re building some new things while refining others. You can read our full annual report to find out what we’ve been up to. Find it over here.