Outreach Program in Humboldt

On February 5 and 6, the Cultural Exchange was in Humboldt, making memory journals with seniors. The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils and Common Weal Community Arts have a touring exhibition of such works, Hello in There/Hello Out There, so Outreach Coordinator Rowan Pantel took the opportunity to bring Project Artist Chrystene Ells to Humboldt for an artist’s talk and workshop.

The Humboldt Journal was there to document the occasion. From the article:

Cognisantly, she had a lot problems with memory and felt really depressed where she was. But she loved playing with her cow box that she made, says Ells.

“You could see her change from being sad, depressed feeling out of place, missing her former life even though her husband is there. It’s almost as if she’s in a really dark place and this box with the cows in it was a light beam into her experience.”

Look out for much more in the future from the Cultural Exchange’s Outreach! Go to the program’s page for more on this and upcoming initiatives.