Cindy Lou Twist Art Opening

Starting November 9, there’s a new exhibition in the Eight Track Gallery. Cindy Lou Twist is a Regina visual artist who finds inspiration in music festival culture. Throughout 2017, she’s hoping to mount art installations in festivals and spaces around the province, and the Eight Track is lucky enough to get to see an early sample.

img_2650The installation features transparent acrylic plastic on which Twist has drawn designs. From her artist’s statement:

One by one I began to use the intuitive painting method where I layered each panel using neon and neutral aerosol spray paints, placing each stencil pattern and color according to my current heart’s desire instead of pre-meditating a finished product. After the spray paint had set, I then took neon acrylic paints and mixed them onto the panels using pressure from another piece of flexible plastic to give it an electric texture so that it gives the impression that it’s growing. After each panel had dried, it was time to figure a way to mount and display. With the amazing help of my step father we designed and built a frame based off of a common house hold room divider. Finally, I wired LED strips to the frame so that each LED colour accentuates each hand-drawn detail.

The opening for the installation is on Wednesday, November 9 in the Club. The installation can be viewed whenever the Club is open for a show or by coming by the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange offices during regular business hours.