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40 Years of Art for Everyone

The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange is getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2017.

In 1977, a community of like-minded artists and art lovers established the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society. In the four decades to follow, they managed venues showcasing all forms of creative expression, helped bring art education to schools in small and rural communities, and gave opportunities to Saskatchewan artists while increasing access to the arts across the province.

We’ve got a lot planned to celebrate the occasion. We’ll be using our site to share stories from the past 40 years from the people who made this organization what it is today. Our Exchange Presents and Emerging Artists concert series will be featuring a huge number of phenomenal artists from inside and outside of our province. Our Outreach program, connecting artists with communities for public programs, will be out in the province more than ever before, while our Workshop Tour will be looking forward to another strong year of bringing artists to schools in 2017.

And in addition to all that, we just might have a surprise to announce a little later in the year.

After 40 years, we still believe art is for everyone. If you hold that conviction, come out and celebrate with us in 2017.