Welcome to the Presenters Network

Saskatchewan has plenty of great talent. What the Presenters Network is looking to do is connect all these great individuals –– artists, presenters, and the people behind the venues that put on that great art –– via an online database. No matter what discipline, we want people to come in, share, and make connections that could lead to opportunities and an even richer pool of art in the province.

Looking to browse profiles? Go ahead! We’ve got sections for Artists, Venues, and Presenters. Explore! Discover!

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  • Artist

    Are you an artist –– writer, musician, visual artist, theatrical performer, whatever! –– looking to reach out to presenters and venues for opportunities? Make a profile!

  • Venue

    Do you have a space anywhere in Saskatchewan that you want to fill with artists’ work? Or are you looking for a presenter to work with? Make a profile!