Corey Ruecker

About Corey Ruecker

I, Corey Ruecker, aim to please my own sonic sensibilities while sharing a message, or a story for you to interpret. I approach the studio different than the stage. I write stripped down psychedelic folk tunes on an acoustic guitar and perform this way live. In the studio I work with my friend and producer, Daniel Besuijen, to create a sonically pleasing experience to compliment the mood and feeling of these songs of mine. He has released one split album entitled Mirror, Mirror with local friend and musican Daniel Besuijen. Now they are returning to the home studio to record Corey’s first solo full release album.

Contact: coreyruecks [at] gmail.com
Website: http://coreyrueckeranddanielbesuijen.bandcamp.com/
Genres: Psychedelic, folk, pop, rock


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coreyrueckermusician
Bandcamp: http://coreyrueckeranddanielbesuijen.bandcamp.com/