Recently Announced: Northcote in the Exchange

The Exchange is proud to announce that Northcote will be playing the Exchange on June 22 as part of the New West Concert Series.

The last time we saw the group in the venue was a big event. The group, featuring Saskatchewan born-and-raised Matt Goud, were touring with Ontario rock group the Glorious Sons, and together they played a sold-out show in the Exchange this past fall. Goud and his bandmates have had their fair share of big touring opportunities lately, from the Sons to Frank Turner to a string of U.S. dates with the Gaslight Anthem.

Now, coming back through on their first big headlining tour in years, and bringing along some great artists with them. Vancouver, B.C.’s Jordan Klassen –– who played recently in Regina with Library Voices –– will be performing as a duo, while Josiah of Morristown, TN’s Josia and the Bonnevilles will also be around for an opening set.

Ticket details and more will be announced shortly. Keep your eye on the event page for information as it’s confirmed.


2015 tour troupe

Calling All Artists! The 2016 Workshop Tour Awaits

The Cultural Exchange is looking for personable, passionate, and talented artists to join the 2016 Workshop Tour. Every year for the past three decades, the troupe has travelled for a month-plus to deliver artistic workshops at elementary and high schools across Saskatchewan.

The 2016 tour runs from September 24 to October 30, 2016. Applications are due April 25, 2016.

The troupe requires artists intimately familiar with drama, visual arts, music, or dance. They need to be comfortable working with students and should be bondable.

Artists in the troupe will each need to develop a workshop that they can modify for students of various ages. They will make themselves available prior to the tour to meet with the tour manager. Then, in the fall of 2016, they will travel with the troupe, delivering the workshop multiple times a day. Overnight trips to Saskatchewan communities will be required.

This is an exciting opportunity to practice your craft and meet who will be the next generation of Saskatchewan artists.

Go to the Cultural Exchange’s website for more information on the Workshop Tour. Contact Outreach Coordinator Rowan Pantel via email at for further details. Those applying must include:

  • a résumé;
  • a lesson plan appropriate for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12; and
  • a budget for materials.

Applications are due Monday, April 25.

old man poster banner

Recently Announced: Old Man Canyon

The New West Concert Series presents Old Man Canyon in the Club on May 14.

Vancouver, B.C.’s Jett Pace has been helming this project since 2012. His songs start out intimate, personal, acoustic, like what you might see from solo artists out there. But from that point, he builds them out with vintage synths and electronic instruments, turning them into lush, psychedelic-tinged bits of alternative pop music. That’s what you’ll hear on the act’s latest full length, Delirium, which came out this passed January.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Advance tickets are $10 plus services charges, are available online at Ticketfly, and will be available in stores at Vintage Vinyl and Madame Yes. Tickets available at the door barring a sell-out. All ages and licensed.


Recently Announced: the Pack A.D.

The Exchange is proud to present the Pack A.D. in the Exchange on May 28.

The Vancouver, B.C. garage-rock duo are no strangers to the Exchange –– music fans might remember them crushing our room back when they played here for JunoFest, with Ominocity saying they “put on a brilliant albeit furious live performance”.

Since then, a lot’s changed for singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller. They’ve got a new label in Cadence Music, and they just released a new single, “So What”, to celebrate. Regardless, you can expect them to bring the same raw intensity that they’ve brought with them every time they’ve taken the stage.

Doors are 7 p.m. Advance tickets are $15 plus service charges. They’re currently available online on Ticketfly. They will be available in stores at Vintage Vinyl and Madame Yes; we’ll update at a later date. Tickets available at the door barring a sell-out. All ages and licensed.


Miriam Körner

About Miriam Körner

Miriam is available for readings and presentations as well as hands-on workshops in writing/storytelling, printmaking (lino and silkscreen), watercolour and acrylic painting, and photography, open to the host’s expectations, ideas, and skill levels. One of her favourite workshops is to write and illustrate stories with children K to 12. She also offers artists retreats in Northern Saskatchewan by canoe.

She discovered her passion about sharing her artistic skills during a Cultural Exchange Workshop Tour nearly a decade ago now. She is an award winning writer (children’s books, YA and creative non-fiction), photographer and visual artist living near La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan.

Genres: picture books, YA novels, creative non-fiction, painting, printmaking, illustration, photography




Jordan Welbourne

About Jordan Welbourne

Jordan Welbourne is guitarist, vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in the Canadian prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Jordan’s career has taken him across North America and Europe and is he now working towards his debut solo release titled Reach Out, an EP featuring Jordan’s own material performed by the Jordan Welbourne Trio. In support of the first single “Rattlesnake Jake”, the trio embarked on a Western Canadian Tour in November 2015 and will be touring the Columbia Valley in February 2016, Western Canada again in May 2016, and Eastern Canada in June 2016.

Jordan’s style has been described as “blending the soulful melodies of blues with the attack and attitude of the guitar heroes of the ’70s and 80s”. Coupled with his vigorous stage presence and powerful voice, Jordan Welbourne delivers a show full of improvisation and homages to the blues and hard rock.

Jordan has collaborated, recorded and performed with numerous groups including: The Sarah Farthing Band, Misterfire, Paul Kuzbik, Chad Reynolds and The Sex, Zhyto, and Autopilot.

Jordan offers Music Education for Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar and Music Theory. He also gives clinics on “blues improvisation”, “band leading”, and “working in a rhythm section”.

Genres: Rock, Blues, Blues-Rock, Music Theory, Jam



Saskatchewan Lotteries, Colour, Large

Where Do Lottery Funds Go?

When you buy a ticket for Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49, where does that money go?

The answer, indirectly, is the Cultural Exchange. We’re one of the over 12,000 groups across our province who benefit from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. Funding administered by SaskCulture makes what we do in this province possible.

So next time you’re buying a lottery ticket, know part of your money is going towards improving the cultural life of Saskatchewan. For more information on this topic, go to Saskatchewan Lotteries’ website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.27.46 PM

Queen City Rocks Off and Running

We’re not quite at the halfway point yet, but a lot of Queen City Rocks has already passed us by.

Every year, 104.9 The Wolf gathers local bands together for a huge battle of the bands spanning weeks. For the fourth year running, Regina’s rock station is giving out prize packages including cash from Jim Beam, gift cards to Long and McQuade and Taco del Mar, and tons of airplay on the Wolf.

Weeks 1 and 2 have already taken place. Amongst crowded fields of talent, Circles and Revolution and League of Wolves were the two winners who’ll be moving on to the Grande Finale.

That still leaves an awful lot of music left to go, with Week 3 happening on February 26 –– the only Friday date this year –– and Week 4 on March 3, with the Grande Finale coming up on March 24.

If you’re looking for action past, present, and upcoming, there are plenty of places to find that! Kamiki Piks Photography covered the second week of QCR this year, and has an album up on Facebook. The Wolf posted a video of just how they figured out the playing order for Week 3. And be sure to keep an eye on the #QCR16 hashtag for continuing updates.

(Also, while you’re at, why not follow us on Instagram? We’ve posted some of our photos from QCR and pop in with show updates on occasion!)

Queen City Rocks continues on February 26 and March 3 and 24. Doors for each night are at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. $10 at the door with funds going towards Music Heals, a charity devoted to music therapy. All ages and licensed.

pop evil colour

Recently Announced: Pop Evil

104.9 The Wolf and the Cultural Exchange are proud to present Pop Evil on April 3. After over a decade of existence, it’s about time the Michigan rock band made their way to the Exchange.

The quintet was formed by lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty. He’s led them through five albums so far, the most recent, 2015’s Up, having a pair of charting singles, “Footsteps” and “Ways to Get High.” They’ve supported those records with a hard-touring live show, driving fans to their hard rock sound across North America.

“The energy from being onstage is the addiction and having your fans sing your songs back to you is any musician’s dream,” Kakaty told Loudwire.

This is the latest partnership from 104.9 The Wolf and the Cultural Exchange. Regina’s rock station keeps bringing new and emerging bands to light, whether it’s on the air or through their long-running annual competition, Queen City Rocks, now in its fourth year.

Pop Evil are in the Exchange on April 3. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets available at the door barring a sell-out. All ages and licensed. Advance tickets are now available online at Ticketfly and will be in stores at Vintage Vinyl and Madame Yes soon.

Outreach Program in Humboldt

On February 5 and 6, the Cultural Exchange was in Humboldt, making memory journals with seniors. The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils and Common Weal Community Arts have a touring exhibition of such works, Hello in There/Hello Out There, so Outreach Coordinator Rowan Pantel took the opportunity to bring Project Artist Chrystene Ells to Humboldt for an artist’s talk and workshop.

The Humboldt Journal was there to document the occasion. From the article:

Cognisantly, she had a lot problems with memory and felt really depressed where she was. But she loved playing with her cow box that she made, says Ells.

“You could see her change from being sad, depressed feeling out of place, missing her former life even though her husband is there. It’s almost as if she’s in a really dark place and this box with the cows in it was a light beam into her experience.”

Look out for much more in the future from the Cultural Exchange’s Outreach! Go to the program’s page for more on this and upcoming initiatives.